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Review: “untethered” by Julia Edwards

Published May 15th, 2015 by Pasadena Independent:

By Nathaniel Cayanan

What do you get when you put a neurotic yoga instructor, a Ph.D. student, his opium addict father, and a mysterious nymph-like woman in a play together? untethered, the new production written by Julia Edwards and directed by Jen Bloom. The unconventionally-produced play tells the story of a woman who begins to have a series of dreams about her boyfriend dying, which leads her and said boyfriend into a fantastical journey of the mind.

In a sense, the play can be split up into two initially disjointed stories that take a while to meld together. The first involves an “Inception-y” state of mind in which people can jump back and forth in time, stealthily spy on their significant others and eavesdrop on their thoughts; the second, a complex relationship between two millennials who really like to psychoanalyze each other and have very conflicting perspectives on love and marriage…

Read the rest here.


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